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You want to build strength, nurture a healthy relationship with movement, learn how to train for your goals in a weight-neutral setting, enjoy the food you eat, manage pain, reduce injury, and find the right balance for your life.
I’m here for snooze-button hitters, afternoon coffee drinkers, and those who’d rather spend time snuggling on the couch with pets or kids than spend hours a day at the gym. I'm here for all bodies and all identities.

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+ 1:1 Training

+ More Than Strength

+ 1:1 Nutrition


1-on-1 expert guidance from a virtual trainer to help you build strength and confidence in a safe, weight-neutral, and private environment.

The workouts you'll do are designed specifically for YOU - your body, your goals, and your lifestyle.

All levels, bodies, and identities welcome. No experience or equipment required.

who it's for:

Those looking for a different personal training experience - one that is personalized, gentle, hands-on, and virtual.

What you get:

  • 1-3x Weekly Virtual Training Sessions
  • 1-3x Weekly Workouts in True Coach
  • Ongoing Coaching Support
  • All the benefits of working with a personal trainer from the comfort of your own space!

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+ 1:1 Training

+ More Than Strength

+ 1:1 Nutrition


Start anytime and work toward your goals at your own pace with 45-minute-or-less full body workouts. Designed to give you well-rounded strength and confidence gains to support your busy life.

A monthly subscription-based workout program that you can access anytime, anywhere from your phone or computer with the free True Coach app.
Equipment recommended but not required.

who it's for:

Busy people who want to feel strong and energized in day-to-day life without spending hours in the gym.

What you get:

  • 3 Full Body Workouts Per Week
  • Exercise Video Demos and Detailed Instruction
  • Modifications and Progressions
  • Weekly Coaching Support via the True Coach App

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+ 1:1 Training

+ More Than Strength

+ 1:1 Nutrition


Guidance in building a long-lasting relationship with food that won’t break your bank or take up all your free time.

We’ll work together to implement small changes into your week that don’t involve restrictive food rules or unnecessary meal plans, and help you gain your own understanding of how balanced nutrition can support your life.

who it's for:

Anyone seeking a balanced and guilt-free approach to food.

What you get:

  • 2 Monthly Check-Ins via Video Chat
  • Weekly Check-Ins via Text or Email
  • Optional Meal Tracking via Ate App
  • Ongoing Problem-Solving Support

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I’m a Certified Functional Strength Coach and Nutrition Coach with a B.S. in Exercise Science, which is a fancy way to say that as a virtual trainer, I can help you build strength for your daily life through safe and smart strength training.

I’ve been in this game since 2014 and I can tell you that fad diets and overly complex workouts don’t work. By growing a healthy relationship with movement and food, I believe that we can truly improve your life and achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. I have guided hundreds of people down this path and now I’m ready to guide you!

Hi, I’m Michelle, Your virtual trainer!

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Free Strength Training Workouts

Get out of your workday and into your workout with 3 full-body, minimal equipment workouts. 

The workouts are short enough to do right after work without taking up all your free time, and effective enough that you can still work toward your goals.

Get instant access to the workouts, complete with video demos, detailed instruction, and options to modify or progress the movements.

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Free Workouts!

Instant Access

Video Demos

Minimal Equipment Required

New On YouTube

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Giving you all the details on resistance bands - the type to buy, how to use them, and the benefits they add to your strength training.

All About bands


Walking you step-by-step through one of my all-time favorite full body movements: The Turkish Get-Up (aka TGU). 

learn the tgu


Demonstrating five different stretches to help open your hips and stretch your hamstrings to relieve low back tightness.

Stretch - Your Hams + Hips

Client Success Stories

“I continue to get stronger and challenge myself!”

"I was looking for someone to help me with strength training, because although I can do cardio on my own, I just didn’t know where to start with strength work. I am in my late 40’s, and I really appreciate that the workouts she designs for me are exactly right for my skill level and needs."

– Stacey S., 1:1 client since 2020

“The doctor said “I cannot chart you!”

"Michelle brings fun and excitement to something that is not so fun and exciting for me. I love the results and the way I feel physically and mentally and emotionally. My sleep, diet, digestion and mental health have changed for the better. After my 3 step cardio test the doctor said "I can not chart you. You have the cardio health of an exceptional 40 year old at 53, congratulations."

– Dave Mazur, 1:1 client since 2018

You Can Get Started Today!

No matter your time, budget, or goals! Are you ready to work together to start building (or rebuilding) your relationship with fitness and nutrition?

1:1 Strength Training

More Than Strength

1:1 Nutrition Coaching