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What’s Included

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

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Monthly Check-Ins via Video Chat

Meet face-to-face a few times a month to chat more in depth about your progress, your goals, and your current plan.

Weekly Check-Ins via Text or Email

The bulk of 1:1 nutrition coaching is regular check-ins through text or email to help you problem solve as obstacles appear and stay on track with your small changes.

Ongoing Coaching Support

Along with text and video check-ins you will receive tips for staying on track, recipe options that fit your dietary needs and wants, and constant encouragement!

The Process


First we’ll assess how you’re currently eating, as well as discuss your goals, dietary restrictions, and your history with nutrition.


Once I understand your daily nutrition habits, we can begin making small “adds” (think adding a serving of veggies or extra glasses of water) that feel manageable no matter how busy you are.


Through our weekly check-ins, I will guide you one step at a time to finding the right balance for you between nutritious foods and your favorite treats.

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Small “Adds”

More addition, less restriction

Unless you are allergic to something or observe specific religious practices, we will never talk about restriction. Instead, we’ll focus on beneficial foods or habits you can add to your plate. Small adds encourage a better relationship with food, because they still leave room for all your favorite snacks and treats, while balancing out with more nutritious food sources.

We don’t build a healthy relationship with food by cutting anything out. We do build a healthy relationship by finding room for everything we enjoy.

Guilt-Free Approach

Removing moral values from food

You’ve probably heard before that there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” food, right? But how often do you put this into practice yourself?

Food has no moral value, and we won’t find a healthy balance on our plate by deciding that certain items we eat are “good” and certain ones are “bad”. We might start to think, instead, “This food makes me feel energized!” or “This food brings me joy because it reminds me of childhood”. 

Eating A Well-Balanced Plate

There’s a place for all carbs!

A well-balanced plate includes all the macronutrients - carbohydrates, fat (yes, fat!), and protein. The cool thing is that we can find these in a variety of different food sources! 

There’s room on our plate for more fibrous carbs, like rice and potatoes, as well as more “quick hit” carbs, like pasta and donuts. We can eat what we’ve learned to call a “healthy” fat, like avocado, and also enjoy good-for-the-soul fat, like ice cream. Not to mention all the different ways to get protein, including animal and plant sources. There’s a place for it all in our nutrition!

My Qualifications

As a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Certified Functional Strength Coach, I stay up to date on the latest research and methods in the field of strength and conditioning. 

What does that mean for you? The workouts we do together are rooted in researched, evidence-based practices. This means I can keep you safe (say goodbye to injuries from trying to lift too much weight), strengthen functional movements for your everyday life (two trips of groceries are for the weak!), and help you effectively reach your goals. No more countless wasted hours in the gym doing random exercises from the internet!

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Weekly Check-Ins
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Weekly Check-Ins
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Next Steps


Click the button below to be taken to the application form. Please allow a 24-48 hour response time after submitting the completed application.


Check your inbox for an email to set up a time to chat virtually with Michelle! You’ll cover nutrition history, health history, current goals, and more.


Figure out your first step and begin working toward your goals, knowing you’ll receive a check-in message soon! You’ll also have the option to track your meals in the Ate app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a Registered Dietitian so I do not provide meal plans. Meal plans can be needlessly restrictive, don’t foster growth in gaining your own understanding of how you eat, and doesn’t always encourage a good relationship with food. Instead, we’ll work together to find a wide variety of foods you can eat, cook, and enjoy.

I will provide guidance and structure for you as you take steps to find a balanced, well-rounded diet that fits your lifestyle and goals. “Diet” just means the food you eat every day! I will help you implement small changes and adjustments that will create sustainable habits in the long run, with lasting benefits. As just one example, we might look at and experiment with different ways you can get more protein sources, veggies, and fiber in your meals. 

Nope! We focus on your relationship with food and nutrition, and counting calories doesn’t always help or fit in with that process. We want to make sure that food does not become a source of stress or guilt. Similar to meal plans, calorie counting can be restrictive and doesn’t always foster growth in gaining your own understanding of your nutrition.

The Ate app is an app I like to use with my nutrition clients to track their meals through photos and text. I love Ate because it allows you to decide if your meal was “on track” for your goal, as well as gives you questions to answer like, “How did you feel when you ate this meal?”. It’s also a great way to make sure you’re eating enough, and allows me as your coach to get a better idea of your daily nutrition. Using the app with 1:1 Nutrition Coaching is totally optional but highly encouraged!