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Free Strength Training Workouts

Get out of your workday and into your workout with 3 full-body, minimal equipment workouts. 

The workouts are short enough to do right after work without taking up all your free time, and effective enough that you can still work toward your goals.

Get instant access to the workouts, complete with video demos, detailed instruction, and options to modify or progress the movements.

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Free Workouts!

Instant Access

Video Demos

Minimal Equipment Required

“Michelle helps you to feel ready and confident!”

"During the time that I have trained with her I have seen my skills improve and can actually demonstrate how much my overall fitness has grown. I love that I can meet with her virtually, so I am in the privacy of my own home. She designs workouts that allow me to work hard and see results, but without having to buy a lot of expensive equipment. Even through the screen I feel like she is right there with me!"

Stacey S., 1:1 client since 2020

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