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Are you ready to learn what strength training can do for your every day life?


What’s Included

1:1 Personal Training

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Weekly Virtual Training Sessions

All the benefits of a personal trainer now in the privacy of your own space! Live movement instruction and face-to-face check-ins every session.

Weekly Workouts in the App

Fully customized, easy-to-follow workouts in the True Coach app for you to complete in between virtual sessions. Doing workouts on your own will help encourage accountability, independence, and confidence.

Hands-On Coaching Tips

Receive in-session modifications, progressions, and adjustments to your workouts, as needed. Extra great for those with limitations or injury.

The Process


We'll begin by chatting about your current routine and determine your goals to make sure we are both on the same page before we start!


When we first begin training, I’m going to ask you how you feel a LOT! It’s important that you feel challenged without pushing through pain or irritating a past injury.


It won’t take long before we find a good rhythm of communication, challenge, and goal crushing! We’ll reassess regularly to make sure you’re staying on a balanced path to progress.

I’m ready

“I never feel pressured to do more than I can handle.”

She is very good at pushing me to do better without overdoing anything. I go on and off of personal training because I don't always have the time to prioritize working out. Every time I work with Michelle I feel way better, and have way more energy. I always feel stronger because she keeps me on track, and helps me avoid spending lots of mental effort on coming up with a good workout

Greg, 1:1 client since 2021

Progressive Overload

Gaining strength and power over time

Progressive overload is a fancy way to say challenging your body over time to make progress, which is exactly what we will do in your workouts. Strength gains are made by gradually increasing the intensity of a movement - most often through weight, reps, or time. 

We will start slow and use progressive overload to help you get stronger and more powerful in a safe, controlled environment. 

Become The Expert On You

Learn to listen to and trust your body

A question I ask clients a lot is, “If I knew how you were feeling right now, would I be happy about it?” Sometimes I ask this to find out whether or not a movement is challenging enough, but oftentimes it’s to find out if you’re pushing yourself too hard or ignoring something that doesn’t feel right.

Only you can become the expert on your body. Don’t worry if you’re not there yet! Confidence gains are a part of the process.

Hypewoman-Level Support

I am always in your corner

You deserve to have major support along your journey. As your coach, I will encourage you, cheer you on, and lift you up. When life’s usual obstacles come up we will problem solve together and celebrate every win, big or small. I will believe in you until you believe in yourself!

Think fist-pumping, feet-stomping, trying-to-win-a-t-shirt-at-the-hockey-game cheering! But quieter, especially for my early risers.

My Qualifications

As a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Certified Functional Strength Coach, I stay up to date on the latest research and methods in the field of strength and conditioning. 

What does that mean for you? The workouts we do together are rooted in researched, evidence-based practices. This means I can keep you safe (say goodbye to injuries from trying to lift too much weight), strengthen functional movements for your everyday life (two trips of groceries are for the weak!), and help you effectively reach your goals. No more countless wasted hours in the gym doing random exercises from the internet!

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1:1 virtual training, fully personalized to your goals, body, equipment, and more.

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2 weekly virtual training sessions and 2 weekly custom in-app workouts, regular personalized support

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Next Steps


Click the button below to be taken to the application form. Please allow a 24-48 hour response time after submitting the completed application.


Check your inbox for an email to set up a time to chat virtually with Michelle! You’ll cover fitness history, health history, current goals, and more.


Set up a training schedule and start working toward the balanced relationship with fitness you’ve been dreaming of!

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Client Success Stories


"I was tired of being scared to do certain movements and wanted to get strong again! Michelle focuses on movements designed to help your whole body, not just "target areas". She is always checking in to see how new movements feel and is quick to offer solutions when one isn't working for you. Having a personal trainer has made such a difference in consistency for me."

– Rachel Hill, 1:1 client since 2022

“I am feeling stronger.”

"I have found the consistency and accountability to be very impactful. I’ve also liked having workouts tailored to my goals and being challenged in ways I wouldn’t challenge myself on my own. I like being encouraged to slow down or rest when needed, rather than always trying to push through! I am beginning to be able to do full push-ups thanks to Michelle and my consistency!

– Sarah F., 1:1 client since 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

No equipment is required! There is a lot we can do with bodyweight and items are your house. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple pairs of dumbbells (think one light pair, one heavy pair), some resistance bands, and a box or bench!

You can! There is a reduced rate for partner training (up to 3 people total). Email michelle@morethanthebarbell.com for more info!

You’ll receive a link for the call up to 5 minutes before the start time, just like you’re showing up for your session at the gym! We’ll start with some movement prep (you’re expected to complete a cardio warm-up on your own but don’t worry, we’ll go over this!), and then get into our workout for the day. I’ll guide you step by step, demonstrating new or forgotten movements, and instructing you through them. We can adjust as we go, and chat along the way if that’s your thing! And we’ll finish each session with some stretching.

If you’re still unsure if 1:1 is the right fit for you, that’s okay! Fill out the application and we can set up a time to chat about what you’re looking for, no pressure. The application process serves both of us!

It’s up to you! I have clients that don’t like to talk much during the workouts, and I have clients that try to work their jaw muscles more than any other body part! Haha!